Statement from Freifunk im Neanderland e.V.

Statement from Freifunk im Neanderland e.V.


The Fireshonks team defined strict cancellation criterias at the beginning of the event planning. These criterias were claimed as valid on 12/12/2023.

Therefore Fireshonks will not take place.

Freifunk im Neanderland as funding organization of and takes note of this desiscion with great regret.

On 12/12/2023 the group of people who made the cancellation valid aimed to produce the CfP submissions elsewhere. We can’t provide any further information.

We would like to thank all the helping elves who have made the planning and organization of Fireshonks possible over the past few months.
We would also like to thank the city of Wülfrath and Wülfrather Ideen Räume e.V. for providing the facilities.

Instead, we will host a Congress Everywhere event for joint congress stream watching and other hacking activities in our hackspace ideenwerk/WIR-Haus in Wülfrath from 27.12. – 30.12.23.
Masks and Covid tests are mandatroy.

Registration can be done here.

Förderverein Freifunk im Neanderland e.V.

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